STARSS Conference on Separation Science

4-5 December 2017

Prof. Manuel Miró as Plenary Speaker and Member of Scientific Committee.

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Quimibal- Official Journal from the Association of Chemists at the Balearic Islands

7 November 2017 

"On 7th September 2017, the Official Bulletin from the Balearic Islands (BOIB) published the appointment of our colleague Dr. Manuel Miró Lladó as Full Professor in Analytical Chemistry"

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Official signature and meeting of newly appointed Full Professors at the University of the Balearic Islands in 2017 with the University Rector (Prof. Huguet) and the Deputy Rector of Human Resources (Dr. Fornés) 

3 October 2017 

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Explora Science-Research Project

Spanish Agency for Research (CTM2014-61153-EXP)

Development of novel stereolitographic 3D printed mesofluidic scaffolds for automatic bioanalytical assays including handling of solid samples, on-chip sample preparation and detection of prioritary and emerging environmental pollutants

Only three projects were granted at UIB in 2014 call!

Healthy and Hazardous Tupperware!

5 October 2017 

Participation as Invited Speaker at the local TV program "5 dies" (IB3 TV)

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Associate Editor of the Encyclopedia of Analytical Science, 3rd Edition (Elsevier Ltd)

August 2016 

Prof. Manuel Miró is currently Associate Editor along with Prof. Poole, Prof. Townshend and Prof. Worsfold

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 IUPAC Membership


Prof. Manuel Miró is currently member IUPAC of Subcommittee on Chemical and Biophysical Processes in the Environment (Division VI)

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Appointment as Visiting Professor at Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Czech Republic

july 2014

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FIA Award for Science, granted by the Japanese Association for Flow Injection Analysis for contributions of Prof. Miró in the development of flow-based methodology for sample preparation

September 2013

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Reviews Editor in Analytica Chimica Acta (ACA)

January 2007 

Since 2007 Prof. Miró acts as Editor of Reviews and tutorials in ACA

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