FI-TRACE is a multidisciplinary research group who has recognized since its inception the added value of international collaboration in diversified arenas and thus aims at affording strong links with a number of researchers and institutions worldwide along with private companies for tackling challenging research, development and innovation tasks in the field of miniaturization, automation, sample processing and risk assessment of emerging contaminants. Collaborations settled over the past 5 years are highlighted below:

Wuhan University, China

Department of Analytical Chemistry 

Dr. Bin Hu

Charles University, Czech Republic

Department of Analytical Chemistry 

  Dr. Petr Solich                  Dr. Hana Sklenarova         Dr. Burkhard Horstkotte

University of Porto

Faculdade de Farmácia,      

Dr. Marcela Segundo

Warsaw University, Poland

Department of Analytical Chemistry 

Dr. Robert Koncki

University of Tasmania,

School of Physical Sciences and Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science

Dr. Mirek Macka 

Universidad de Alicante

Quimica Analitica, Nutricion y Bromatolo

Dr. José Luis Todoli

Technical University Vienna

Department of Analytical Chemistry 

Dr. Prof. Andreas Limbeck

University of Pardubice

Department of Analytical Chemistry 

Dr. Petra Bajerová

Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Department of Analytical Chemistry 

Dr. Moisés Knochen

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Department of Analytical Chemistry  

Dr. Pablo Richter

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