Author: David J. Cocovi Solberg
Title: "Real-time monitoring of bioaccessibility tests for solid samples using automatic flow methods"
Supervisor: Manuel Miró Lladó


Author: Warunya Boonjob
Title: "Automated sample preparation methods for the determination of trace level concentrations of environmental pollutants"
Supervisors: Manuel Miró and Victor Cerdá


Author: Maria Rosende Mustillo
Title: "Desarrollo y estudio comparativo de nuevos métodos automáticos de extracción dinámica para la determinación de elementos traza en muestras sólidas medioambientales"
Supervisors: Manuel Miró and Victor Cerdá

Author: Lindomar Andrade Portugal
Title: "Estrategias Analíticas para la determinaçao de elementos traço em matrizes de aluminio e de mercurio inorganico em amostrras aquosas complexas"
Supervisors: Sergio L.C. Ferreira and Manuel Miró

Author: Jixin Qiao
Title: "Rapid and Automated Determination of Plutonium and Neptunium in Environmental samples" (Risø-PHD-75 report)
Xiaolin Hou, Peer Ros and Manuel Miró 


Author: Janya Buanuam
Title: "Development and Application of Dynamic Extraction Systems with Hyphenated Techniques for Assessment of Elemental Fractionation in Solid Substrates"
Supervisors: Dra. Juwadee Shiowatana and Manuel Miró


Author: Xiangbao Long
Title: "Development of Methodologies for Determination of Trace-Level Concentrations of Elements by Atomic Spectrometry via On-line Pretreatment Procedures Exploiting Sequential Injection (SI) Lab-on-Valve (LOV) Schemes"
Supervisors: Prof. Elo Harald Hansen, Dr. Jens Andersen and Manuel Miró

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